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Fist Of Golden Monkey Fist Of Golden Monkey
Please subscribe if you like the content!!! Fist of Golden Monkey (1983) AKA: Shaolin Drunken Monkey Action | Drama Directors: Godfrey Ho Stars: Elton Chong and Eagle Han Plot: After he's brutally beaten by a group of savage thugs, Ling Fung (Elton Chong) seeks refuge from a helpful old man who reveals he's a martial arts master. Agreeing to teach the youngster his ancient brand of "monkey style" kung fu, the master breaks out a secret book of martial arts teachings. But when the goons track Ling down and proceed to kill his new friend, the protégé will have to teach himself how to fight back.

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7 Grandmasters 7 Grandmasters
Please subscribe if you like the content!!! 7 Grandmasters (1980) AKA: Hu bao long she ying Action | Drama Director: Joseph Kuo Stars:Yi-min Li, Jack Long and Mark Long | See full cast and crew Plot: Sang Kuan Chun is an old kung fu master who is getting ready to retire from martial arts. He is satisfied that he's mastered the martial arts and is the best in China. But just as he is about to put up the kings signboard and call it quits, he receives a note alleging that he's not the best. Thus begins his journey for one last challenge with each of the Seven Grandmasters to prove his superiority. As Sang Kuan Chun and his three students travel from one challenge to the next, the foursome acquires a fifth—a young man named Siu Ying who wants desperately to train under master Sang Kuan Chun to avenge his father's death. So he tags along, despite the master's insistence that he will not accept any more students. Eventually we learn more about the master's past. His own teacher, before he died, left him the secret book of The Pai Mei Twelve Strikes. However a masked man soon stole several pages of the book, leaving only nine strikes. So, somewhere out there, is this unknown man, and he has the final three strikes of Pai Mei, which are the most deadly and can beat even the other nine strikes. Sang Kuan Chun soon accepts the seemingly devout Siu Ying and teaches him the nine known strikes of Pai Mei. Siu Ying ends up learning from his "uncle" that Sang Kuan Chun (who was set up) killed his father during a friendly tournament. Siu Ying is taught the final 3 strikes from a mysterious figure and almost kills Sang Kuan Chun until he realizes he is in the wrong. This all leads up to an exciting climax, where we learn the identity of the masked man who stole the Pai Mei final strikes and the identity of the man who killed Siu Ying's father.

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Alien ninja Alien ninja
magyar feliratos japán film

Author: Nikolett Czinege
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Rating: 4.313233

El Cazador Ninja (Alexander Lo Rei) El Cazador Ninja (Alexander Lo Rei)
Ficha y comentario de la película: http://emisucio.wordpress.com/2011/02/11/ninja-hunter-el-cazador-ninja-1984/ OT Ninja Hunter. Starring, Alexander Lo Rei, Loong Koon-Mo. No copyright infringement intented.

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Michael Dudikoff - American Ninja (Full Movie) Michael Dudikoff - American Ninja (Full Movie)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Author: Troy McCoy
Lenght: 91.68 min.
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Rating: 4.2873054

"Sakura Killers" (1987)
Also known as: "American Killers" ___________________________ (Taiwan & U.S., 1987) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093910/ http://www.comeuppancereviews.com/2012/07/sakura-killers-1987.html https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.295523447163203.62645.295439780504903

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Ninja Checkmate (1979) Full Movie Ninja Checkmate (1979) Full Movie
Ninja Checkmate (1979) Full Movie AKA: Shuang Ma Lian Huan (original title); The Mystery of Chess Boxing Action I Adventure Director: Joseph Kuo Stars: Jack Long, Li Yi Min, Jeanie Chang, Simon Yuen and Mark Long PLOT: Li Yi Min as a martial arts student who, after his father is murdered, wants to inflict retribution upon the Ghost Face Killer. He studies under a master of Chess Boxing and fuses those skills with other styles in order to create a set of skills that will help him bring down the Ghost Face Killer.

Author: Marcia Suzie
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Death Code Ninja (1987) - Chiang Tao, Mike Abbott Death Code Ninja (1987) - Chiang Tao, Mike Abbott
Death Code Ninja (1987) - Ninja movie starring Chiang Tao, Mike Abbott. Directed by Godfrey Ho. International intrigue surrounds this ninjas battle for possession of a secret war map that could mean the end of the world.

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Rage of a Ninja Rage of a Ninja
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0199989/ Such a brilliant movie that's not so easy to come by.

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Big Boss II (Dragon Lee, Bolo Yeung) Big Boss II (Dragon Lee, Bolo Yeung)
Starring, Dragon Lee, Jackie Cheung, Bolo Yeung. AKA, Dragon Bruce Lee Part. II More Dragon Lee here: -Mission for the Dragon http://youtu.be/Q7IGTQ8uY0o -Kung Fu Fever http://youtu.be/wORrGYAvs6s -The Real Bruce Lee http://youtu.be/xlAEEFf1Q3g -Dragon Lee Vs. The Five Brothers http://youtu.be/HTw5jpQPQW8 -Champ Against Champ http://youtu.be/7wnY_e5F_Xw -Muscle of The Dragon http://youtu.be/hrIqyh0rKvY -5 Pattern Dragon Claws http://youtu.be/sZaf62TGDWA No copyright infringement intented.

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Shogun's Ninja (Film Arts Martiaux Action En Francais) Shogun's Ninja (Film Arts Martiaux Action En Francais)
Description: Dans le milieu du 16ème siècle, Hideyoshi, un seigneur de guerre affamés de puissance vise à détruire le clan Momochi. Il envoie son commandant de guerre à la recherche de l'or caché du clan pour constater que deux poignards sont la clé de la cachette de l'or précieux. Plusieurs dizaines d'années, la recherche des poignards manquantes prend Shiranui par la guerre et la tradition antique.

Author: Life Cine
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"The Ninja Wars" or "Death of a Ninja" (1982)
Japanese martial arts movie from the early 80's. IMDb profile: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089691/ Iga ninpôchô, Ninja Wars, A Guerra dos Ninja, Black Magic Wars, Death of a Ninja, Iga Magic Story

Author: Kay Fabian
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Ninja Massacre.mpg Ninja Massacre.mpg
A young boy holds the secret to the coveted kung fu manual. A martial clan lead by Pai Ying hunt mercilessly for the book. Blind but not out, Lung Jun Er saves the boy and defeats the aggressors. Great sound effects, wardrobe makes movie classic

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Lethal Ninja Lethal Ninja
Diep in de binnenlanden van Azie is een gewetenloze ninja-organisatie bezig met het vergiftigen van duizenden mensen. Een groep wetenschappers wordt op pad gestuurd om achter de identiteit van de leider te komen en zo de problemen uit de wereld te helpen. Eenmaal daar aangekomen lopen ze in een hinderlaag en worden gevangengenomen. De enige die hen nog kan redden is Pete, een Amerikaanse ninja, getraind in de meest dodelijke gevechtstechnieken. Lukt het hem om de wetenschappers, waaronder zijn grote liefde te bevrijden uit de klauwen van de bende...

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The Shaolin  Drunken Monk The Shaolin Drunken Monk
The Shaolin Drunken Monk is a 1982 kung fu film directed by Au Yeung Chun and Lau Ka-Liang, and produced by Ocean Shores. The film is generally considered a bust, but is noted for its soundtrack and atmospheric flashbacks. (SUBSCRIBE)

Author: MrKungFuFlix
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The Master & The Kid - Full Movie The Master & The Kid - Full Movie
Old school kung fu action starring Yueh Hua, Philip Ko Fei, Chen Sing and Leung Kar Yan.

Author: kingofkungfu2002
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Rating: 4.4548287

James Tien in The Shaolin Plot (1977) James Tien in The Shaolin Plot (1977)
Casanova Wong, Sammo Hung and Chen Sing also stars. The Shaolin Plot, while not being as well known as a title such as "Hapkido", is certainly up there with them in all departments. The film begins at a good pace, with the evil intent of mastermind baddie Chen Sing put to the fore. A veteran of hundreds of 70's kung fu films, Chen here displays all of his villainous presence alongside his extremely powerful martial artistry. In the opening scenes Sammo's Lama villain is superbly introduced with his penchant for strange weaponry i.e. flying cymbals that decapitate! The plot moves at a breakneck pace at first, with Chen's Chinese general character Dagalen looking to gain access to all martial arts manuals from around China, at whatever cost. Cut to our main hero James Tien as a Wu Tang fighter who attempts to save the Wu Tang manual, but fails and escapes to by chance to a wandering Shaolin Monks home. He is trained in the Shaolin style, With which he can counter Dagalen's attacks. Meanwhile Dagalen attempts to raid Shaolin for the ultimate prize; the Shaolin martial arts manual. Just as he has reached his goal the Wu Tang fighter discovers him, and Dagalen retreats to his palace. Both the Shaolin Monks and the Wu Tang fighter join forces to crush this most cunning of foes. The production values are pretty decent considering the year. The change of pace in the middle and differing style is a bit jarring, especially to those who like their movies fast and furious. However, to those who like their action fast and furious and delivered by the best, this is one to savour. James Tien in The Shaolin Plot (1977) https://www.youtube.com/Arosav

Author: Ailsa Aily
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Amerikai ninja 4 (teljes film) Amerikai ninja 4 (teljes film)
Amikor Brad Norris-t és három társát elfogják a fekete nindzsák az afrikai őserdőben, Washingtonból két titkos ügynök érkezik a segítségükre: Sean Davidson és Carl Brackston. A kétfős egység alig ereszkedik le ejtőernyőjén, máris rossz híreket kap: a Delta Force legénységét Ali Maksood sejk tartja fogságban egy régi ezüstbányában. A fekete nindzsák azonnal a titkos ügynökök nyomába erednek, ám szerencsére az amerikai békehadtest egyik gyönyörű ápolónője védőszárnyai alá veszi őket és elbújtatja hőseinket egy halottasházban. A végső segítség azonban egy egykori CIA-ügynök, Joe Armstrong képében jelenik meg. Joe szemrebbenés nélkül száll szembe a nindzsákkal, míg fel nem bukkan legnagyobb ellenfele, a legyőzhetetlennek tartott szupernindzsa.

Author: Gheorghe Francisc Sicolya
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The Shaolin Temple FULL MOVIE 1982 (Jet Li) The Shaolin Temple FULL MOVIE 1982 (Jet Li)
IF YOU HAVE A REQUEST FOR A KUNG FU FILM THAT YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO UPLOAD JUST SAY SO IN THE COMMENTS. Plot Summary: The Tang emperor is betrayed by one of his generals, who installs himself as emperor in the East Capital. The son of one of his slave workers escapes to the Shaolin Temple, learns kung fu, and sets out to kill the traitor, who killed his father. The monks have to help him, and in the process, they save the true emperor, who rewards them greatly. Based on a true story from Shaolin folklore, but highly fictionalized.

Author: NBApro74
Lenght: 91.65 min.
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Rating: 4.4988227

Tai Chi Master Ⅱ(English subtitles) Tai Chi Master Ⅱ(English subtitles)
Tai Chi Master Ⅰ( English language):http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLctkWr8fHMoOwhg-DuvvT6M4LavXDxuYj TV Series :http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLctkWr8fHMoPg-BBMc5v196VQV1Kp63jQ baidubaike:http://baike.baidu.com/subview/161312/8431165.htm Starring:Jason Wu/Amy Fan/Qun Wang/Wai Ying Hung/Billy Chow/Shing Fui-On/Hai Yu this is a tv series about a guy named Yang-Yuqian.

Author: 刘谌
Lenght: 127.43 min.
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Rating: 4.4640865

The Tournament (English Dubbed) The Tournament (English Dubbed)
Also Known As (AKA) Hong Kong (Cantonese title) Chung taai kuen taan sang sei chin Hong Kong (English title) The Tournament http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072444/ http://hkmdb.com/db/movies/view.mhtml?id=5543&display_set=eng http://www.hkcinemagic.com/en/movie.asp?id=1986

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Tyrannosaurus Azteca (Aztec Rex) en español (Spanish) Tyrannosaurus Azteca (Aztec Rex) en español (Spanish)
The movie in english http://kat.ph/aztec-rex-tyrannosaurus-azteca-2007-t4673575.html

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Rating: 3.5952473

Tarzan - Tarzan In Manhattan (1989) Full Movie Tarzan - Tarzan In Manhattan (1989) Full Movie
Please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGqUtRcDZdg Tarzan In Manhattan Like & Subscribe Tarzan goes to New York to rescue the chimp Cheetah, who has been captured by an evil animal experimenter. There, he teams up with Jane, a cab driver and daughter of an ex-cop private eye, who help Tarzan free Cheetah and his friends.

Author: N. N.F
Lenght: 93.85 min.
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Rating: 3.9804077

Sát Thủ Azumi 1 - Azumi 2003 Full (HD - VietSub) Sát Thủ Azumi 1 - Azumi 2003 Full (HD - VietSub)

Author: Lam Nguyen Tung
Lenght: 135.00 min.
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Rating: 4.017857

Мастер дзен Бодхидхарма («Патриарх Дамо») / Master of Zen (eng. subs) Мастер дзен Бодхидхарма («Патриарх Дамо») / Master of Zen (eng. subs)
Это история о человеке по имени Дхарма (Бодхидхарма) и его духовном путешествии в Китай. Дхарма был третим принцем в Королевстве Хионг чи в Индии. Преемник на трон. Дхарма посвятил себя буддизму, а не наследованию трона семьи. Позже, Дхарма отправился в Китай, чтобы распространять учение, Он прибыл в Шаолинь, где он передал свое искусство ученикам Шаолиня. Master of Zen is a 1994 Hong Kong film based on the legends surrounding the life of Bodhidharma. The film was directed, produced, and co-written by Brandy Yuen, and starred Derek Yee and Louis Fan in the leading roles. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_of_Zen

Author: Yogeeshaya
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Rating: 4.675165